Watasanta Stud

The interest in Santa cattle came while Neil was a young stock agent at Coonamble in Western New South Wales. He witnessed firsthand how the Santa Cattle out there were the first to get prime and shiny and the last to get poor in a drought.

The Watasanta stud was established in 1985. It was based on a broad genetic base of predominately Poll females from Aberdeen, Boongarry, Calga West, Circle 8 and Yarrawonga-Waco.

The breeding criteria at Watasanta is to produce bulls for commercial and seed stock producers that are genetically stacked with true performance, displaying muscle and constitution. The Watsons know their bulls will give a direct lift and positive influence on their progeny.

A Watasanta sale bull has to look good as a calf and when weaned. Then the animal must be a good yearling and maintain that performance and do-ability right through until 2 years.

Stud sires used have been only their best including some successful show bulls. These include Watasanta Auctioneer (P), Watasanta Atomic (P) Watasanta Zag (P), Watasanta Dominator (P), Watasanta Big Banana (P) and Watasanta Dozer (P).  More recent times top females and genetics have been sourced from Brookside, Marston, Wavehill and Canowindra studs. Only the best of purchased sires have been introduced including Waco Odessey top price bull $27,500, Canowindra In The Groove equal top price $32,000.

A good sire is an investment, not an expense.


Reference Sires


Watasanta Grandboy (P) A real performance sire that stands proud, sired by the great bull in Watasanta Dozer (P). Grandboy was a very successful show bull at both Sydney and Brisbane Royals. He is producing very small calves at birth that grow into cattle that have scale and meat. Grandboy was retained for his solid dark colour, broad head, great bone and over all size.

Watasanta Grandboy


Waco Chancellor (PS) was purchased in 2013 for $36,000. Chosen for his great weight for age, scrotal size, bone, sleek coat, and fat coverage, along with his very docile nature. Chancellor calves are born very small but grow quick which is a trait of his sire versatile. his progeny display his great characteristics with broad solid Santa heads and are very docile. At only 21 months he weighed 850kg with a DWG of 1.28kg/per day and a scrotal size of 42cm.

Waco Chancellor


Watasanta Gangbuster (PS) Gangbuster was a retained son of the very successful sire Watasanta Atomic (P). Gangbuster was a show bull and retained for his incredible doing ability and carcass shape. he has passed these traits on to his progeny. gangbuster was purchased privately by Yarrawonga Stud. 

Watasanta Gangbuster



New men at work at Watasanta

Watasanta Frontier (P) Frontier was a bull sold at our xxxx annual sale. Later on we viewed the calves he had sired at his new home and were that impressed we had to buy him back. frontier is a son of our old famous sire Auctioneer (P) Frontier is a more moderate version of Auctioneer extremely fertile, structurally correct and super quite. 

Watasanta Frontier


Hardigreen Park Ringer (PS) Ringer is a total outcross of genetics. Ringer was purchased for the top price Hardigreen park bull in 2015 for $35,000. he displays tremendous thickness, a deep wide hind quarter, good coat and very tidy sheath. Ringer is extremely docile and an efficient worker with his cows. Ringer, we believe will prove to be a real performance sire. At 24 months he weighed 1056kg with a DWG of 1.41kg/per day scrotal of 42cm, fat 14/11, and a massive eye muscle of 142 SQCM.

Hardigreen Park Ringer


Walmona Wizard (P) Wizard was purchased 2016 second top price bull for $7500 this bull in photo is only 18 months. He displays growth, length, ultra tidy underline and has a wide deep hind quarter. Wizard is an externally docile bull (almost a nuisance) 

Walmona Wizard


Cardona Noble (P) is producing progeny with great muscling and carcass shape with dark sleek coats

Cardona Noble


Waco Erine Dingo (PS) K482. Purchased in 2015. Half brother to the $90,000 record price Santa bull Yarrawonga El Salvador sired by Yarrowanga Avenger. Erine Dingo is choc a block full of top blood lines purchased for his extreme length, great hind quarter tidy sheath and his race horse like sleek coat type. At 23 months he was 886kg DWG of 1.25kg scrotal of 39cm with fat of 13/10 and a huge eye muscle of 134 sq cm.




Our aim: to produce what is demanded by the commercial cattle breeder.

Bulls that are high weight gainers, tidy sheath and fertile, with good carcase shape and poll genetics. The bulls must be easy to finish with eye appeal not just on sale day but as weaners, yearlings and as two year olds.

We welcome you to Watasanta to inspect our herd, just give Rosalie or Neil a call on

02 6767 0267 or 0427 670 267



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